About Myself

Mr Potato

Dear Surfers, welcome to my website!I am glad to see you here and I hope you will enjoy your time in the company of your favorite action figures, comics and movies.


As a child, I can remember having played with clay in the shape of Mr and Mrs Potato. I used to love clay, its texture and the smell. The sculpture work around it was not huge, as the shape was created through a little device, where you had to put clay in and turn a little handle, which would make the hair grow out of the head of the plastic figurine.

My personal creations were not that great, but I remember enjoying a lot the time spent surrounded by these little ill-shaped creatures.


30 years later, I got stuck in a personal situation that was not making me happy. I could not get out of it. This is when a friend of mine, who was doing a therapy, told me about the fact that she had imagined a fluffy teddy bear as an internal confident that would help her reconnect to her true self.

I thought that her ability to have thought of such a way of getting some kind of relief was so great that I started writing, addressing my action figure Mr. Darth Potato as a friend who would help me reach my unconscious in order to solve the problems I was facing at the time.


At the beginning of last year, I registered to an online psychoanalysis course. I had been undergoing a therapy for 2 years and it became clear to me that being a therapist was what I wanted to with my life.

Mr. Darth Potato had played an important role in this decision, as well as having my nieces and nephews around for the summer. They enjoyed playing with my action figures and the various scenarios they created while playing told me so much about child development, which is a segment of my studies.

Today, I want you to be able to find easily your favorite action figures online, whether for yourself or your children, or your friends’ children. These little things can bring so much, whether it is Christmas or not!

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,