Black Canary Ignite: Sing it to Me!

Black Canary IgniteHello Folks! Black Canary Ignite is a comic book written by Princess Diaries author Meg Cabot. It came out on the 29th of October 2019. Cara McGee drew this comic book.

A Little Bit About Meg Cabot

Meg Cabot is famous for having authored The Princess Diaries, a series of novels for old teenagers. For this work, she was rewarded with the following awards:

  • 2001 American Library Association Best Books for Young Adults
  • 2001 American Library Association Quick Pick for Reluctant Young Adult Readers
  • 2001 New York Public Library Book for the Teen Age
  • 2002 International Reading Association/Children’s Book Council Young Adults’ Choice
  • 2002–2003 Volunteer State Book Award in Tennessee
  • 2003 Evergreen Young Adult Book Award in Washington

She wrote over fifty books and ended up several times on New York Times bestsellers’ list.


Black Canary Origin Story

The Black Canary origin story  –  this comic book will tell you all about it. This graphic novel is like a tabula rasa of the past. The 13-year-old teenager in this comic book, strangely enough, shares little with the Black Canary I described to you months ago.  Same person, yet the two versions seem to be worlds apart.

Dinah Lance goes to school, sings in a band and is, what can only be described as, too loud!  This is how our future super heroine is depicted when she is introduced to the reader. For me, it is completely predictable and rather clichéd.

She would to become a police woman, but her dad is against this project, even though he himself is a cop. We have seen this so many times: the historical fight between teenagers and their parents about just about everything, including the choice of career.

The action takes place in Gotham City, while The Joker has escaped from Arkham Asylum and Dinah’s father, Detective Lance, is pretty pissed about that. This closes Chapter One, called ‘Just an ordinary girl’.

Chapter Two is called ‘Don’t wanna hurt nobody’. In this chapter, as if being a teenager was not difficult enough by having to cope with all of the changes that they endure, Dinah Lance is unwittingly subject to unpleasant experiences at school, all involving glass breaking.

She is implicated and accused by the Principal, whose last name is Vogel, of provoking these damages.

In Chapter Three, titled ‘Watch out! We’re in for stormy weather’, the destruction goes on and Principal Vogel convenes Dinah Lance’s parents to a meeting.  Believe me, this is not our regular principal – parent meeting!   She tries to convince them that their daughter has super powers. It is certainly no surprise that meeting does not go very well, if you ask me.

Detective Lance

Further along in the chapter, Dinah is accompanied by her girlfriends who are convinced  that she has telekinesis powers. Dinah saves the life of a cute little black canary, who will from that moment on, always be by her side.

Tension is building, and the reader can feel that there is a change in the book, a threat is in the air.

In Chapter Four, while Dinah is helping her mother at the family’s florist shop, the truth is finally revealed: Dinah’s mom used to be Black Canary, at a time when Gotham Police would not hire women. It was during one of her  crime-busts that she met her husband, Detective Lance. He knew that his wife was a Black Canary.  The news about their daughter obviously did not, therefore, come as any surprise! Both parents knew that their daughter had the same power as her mother: the famous canary cry that can cause anything to break.

Black Canary Ignite

‘You’re weird but not a weirdo’ is the nice title of Chapter Five, where, with the help of her Physical education teacher, she is going to learn how to fight. He is Theodore Grant, aka Wildcat, another super hero.

Chapter Six is called ‘Burning down the house’, after one of my favorite songs. It describes the exact moment where Dinah Lance transforms into an adult in the comics: she learns how to fight and how to use her voice. She also starts to fight back against one of her girlfriends, who is really not nice to her.

By the way, the threat has now a name: Bonfire.


Finally, Black Canary and Bonfire fight in the last chapter. You can well imagine how it ends. And no, they did not live together happily ever after.

The Manga Style Drawing

Do you remember Candy Candy? Well, Black Canary Ignite reminded me of that animated series that I used to watch as a child, in the early 80ies. It was a manga, like Naruto, and at the time, I did not even know it. I did not even know that word.

In my opinion, the drawings of Black Canary Ignite are quite simple and convey basic emotions. It does not make me feel empathetic towards the heroine and what she is going through. In addition to this, one of her girlfriends is a bit of a bully, which makes me feel uncomfortable.

I understand that we all need to assert ourselves in life, but seriously, can’t we have peace, sometimes, and not fight in order to be listened too?

The lack of round shapes does not make you feel cosy and at home when you read it. You might as well buy a pulp at the train station, read it during your trip and deliberately forget it on the train, so that other travelers will read it and so on.

The Comic Book

The format is very original and the paper has a very nice feel to it. The comic book is divided into seven chapters. It is very colorful, far from dark atmospheres that we can meet when we read about unhappy or cynical characters like Batman and Spider Jerusalem in Transmetropolitan.

After the end of the book, the reader might be happy to read a sneak preview of Green Lantern Legacy.

My Opinion

Winter and Christmas are coming, have you noticed? This comic book is suitable for young teenagers, up to thirteen years old, in my opinion. It is a bit cheesy and it is a read you will soon forget, as an adult.

I am unable to tell you if I would have liked it as a teen. The plot is not very complicated, and the drawings are not my cup of tea. I am not fond of characters with big eyes.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below. Is Black Canary Ignite the type of comic book you want to read this winter?

12 thoughts on “Black Canary Ignite: Sing it to Me!”

  1. Wow thanks for this article about one of my best books ever –  Black Canary Ignite, it is an interesting story Ithat  really love to read over and over again. It really brought me a lot of things. Chapter two is my favorite. I have been looking for where to get this book for my son. Thanks for this post, it has really helped me out. I am getting it right away.

  2. Well! Just to be on a safe side, I decided to read more on this before allowing my daughter to read these comics because she has got this to be the ones she will be reading all through the time of the winter. She loves comic books and I like this summary and plot presentation of this. Really good post here

    1. Hi Rodarrick. I admire your wise decision. After you have read it, perhaps you and your daughter could read it together and share your thoughts with me? Cheers, Anso

  3. I am a fan of comic books because of my daughter’s interest in it and she seems to enjoy the ones whose main characters are female and I understand why. This book depicts some reality which is teenagers have a dream which their parents are against and I would love to get it for my daughter. Although it will be heartbreaking for her to see the character didn’t end in a happily ever after situation. Best regards.

    1. Hi Benson! What I meant is that the end of this graphic novel is not the usual ending a fairy tale. Read it with your daughter! Cheers, Anso

  4. I stopped reading manga/comic books some time ago because of the nature of my work and all of a sudden it feels like I have neglected a part of me after reading about this Black Canary Ignite review. I have great love for the character here, because it’s a female and a teenager as well. I would start reading manga again and I want this to be the one I start with. 

    1. Hi Bella! I am glad my article made you want to restart reading comic books. Black Canary Ignite is not a manga, though. it is a comics! If you want to read a manga, try Naruto

  5. Dear Anne-Sophie

    I love this article! I am a fan of Black Canary. What I particularly like is the way that, as a reader, you can feel the torment of this teenager – both with being a teenager plus the added stress of discovering her superpowers.

    I think that you are right as in it would not be challenging enough for adults, but I have a few nephews and nieces who are between 9 and 12. I think that they would really love this, so I think I have my Christmas Stocking fillers for them!

    I will be back for your recommendations of figurine stocking fillers for Christmas 2019


    1. Hi Renée! Yes, adults will be a bit disappointed with that comic book, I’m afraid. It should be fine for your nephews and nieces, though. It is nice to think that boys will read about the adventures of Black Canary!

  6. Hey Ann-Sophie

    I haven’t been into comics since the Beano and Dandy when I was a kid 😂

    Very interesting I think i will have a wee read at this very soon.

    Many thanks Steven Kane

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