El Macho from Despicable Me: Our Love for Villains


El Macho Despcicale Me 2

Today, Folks, I want you to read this post with your best Spanish accent.

You know why? Cuz somebody’s going to die, tonight!

Eduardo Perez is the one you need to be afraid of. Ok, he used to be much more athletic and strong, but he’s back and he’s up to no good.

He is the epitome of what is known as a knob head: Eduardo has a huge ego, doesn’t care about what people think of him and is confident he’s going to achieve his mischievous plans.

It sounds like a lot of villains we know, doesn’it? Well, yeah, we are familiar with villains, but why is that? Why do we love to hate villains?

El Macho: The Villain You Will Love to Hate

Of course you will. But I bet you will also like him. And probably miss him. Hell, even Dr Nefario worked with him. Isn’t that a sign? And among all this evil, a good one?

Look, he’s kinda cute, whether he’s wearing his anti superhero outfit, or his casual trousers. Look at that hairy chest! and the gold chain! C’mon! There’s a bit of Scarface, there, isn’t there?

The man is a genius. I mean, who would fake their own death by riding a shark wearing a dynamite belt to the heart of a volcano? How cool is that?

And, do you remember when he orders a beer in a bar? I would love to do that! Why? Well, he gets away with murder. Perhaps he does represent all my frustrations.

The Dark Side of Action Figures

Every super hero has a dark side. We can rely on to that. Socially, we’re good, but internally, life drive and death drive fight on the ring of the unconscious.

That’s what makes us human, whether we like it or not. When Freud discovered the death drive, his contemporary fellow psychoanalysts couldn’t accept that about human nature. It is a fact: we are driven by life drive and by death drive.

Cruella DeVille

Death drive is vital, otherwise we would always be in a tensed state of mind. Tension needs to be released. Perhaps I love villains because through them, I can internally shout at my neighbor who put his ghetto blaster on his balcony at night and decided that loud music was the new trend.

Yes, I’m sorry, I’m in a bad mood today. Perfect mindset to talk to you about the dark side of action figures. Mr. Burns. The Joker. You name her/him. Cruella. Prince Charming. Oops! Sorry, my bad. I wanted to check if you were focused. Dracula.

My list is endless and I will elaborate later. For now, let’s dig deeper into the psychology of evil characters.

About Some Famous Female Villains

For today, let’s talk about some famous female villains. I chose Harley Quinn. I just met her. Being a huge fan of The Joker, I seriously don’t know how I could not have heard about her.

Anyway, let’s go. First of all, did you know that she was a physician psychiatrist as well as a psychologist? How about that? Whom did we mention earlier? Good old Freud Astaire, the king of mindful tap dance.

Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn loves The Joker. Does The Joker love her? I would say no, since at best of times, he ignores her, and at worst, he tries to kill her. How can she love him in such circumstances? Compulsion of repetition, my reader friend. Yeah, I know. It sounds barbaric.

Let me explain: Freud discovered that the mind is not always driven by the principle of pleasure, but also by death drive: someone who has suffered a trauma, whether physical, psychological or both, will constantly in their mind replay the scene of the trauma, in order to try to change it and not to have to suffer the trauma in question.

Which is impossible, of course. The traumatic scene happened and can’t be erased. It can only be played over and over via mental ruminations.

So, why would Harley Quinn love someone who mistreats her? Because she thinks she’s not worth love. She has no self-esteem and probably no self-confidence. The lack of both comes from her childhood. All villains aren’t that complex, of course. What about an evil character like El Macho?

The Super Villains and Us

El Macho, aka Eduardo Perez, as opposed to Harley Quinn, is hilarious! He is an extreme character, but in the most laughable way. You can’t possibly take him seriously. He doesn’t even want you to. He just exists and tries to take what he considers his.

But he has a son, and a little chicken he adores: The Pollo Loco. We can only like him. We know he will never hurt anyone, no matter how hard he tries. Because, like Jessica Rabbit, he was just designed that way.

Don’t let him fool you when he dresses casually, tries to look like the boy next door, owns a restaurant in a mall and pretends to try to make a living out of it.

Because we know he has an agenda. Despite being one of the world’s greatest evil characters, his heart is like a marshmallow when it comes to his son and his pet.

Is it the End of El Macho?

Is El Macho’s death real? How can we be sure? Personally, I don’t want him dead. Evil needs him. He stills has lessons to learn from him. Of course, he’s not dead! Someone with such a great sense of humor can only survive us all. I hope he’ll make a huge come back in another future episode of Despicable Me.

Do not forget that he faked his own death once. So, he can do it twice… Do you see his influence on me? This is exactly what I am talking about. Surely, I am not the only one out there. And, if it’s the case, so be it.

I want to see this character again. Because he’s a regular guy like me, with ordinary problems like me, but with a huge imagination to solve them. And sometimes, bare hands, like when he did a heist 20 years ago. Exactly NOT like me…

This post does not encourage violence. It just states the obvious: human beings are complex and sublimate their internal conflicts by playing with action figures, creating animated movies, or simply by reading comics.

10 thoughts on “El Macho from Despicable Me: Our Love for Villains”

  1. This is a very interesting article Purdey. I really enjoyed how you analyzed all these villains in your article. I love El Macho , I think he was one of my favorites bad characters in the cartoon, because like you said he was so funny. And Harley Quinn is one of my favorites female villains. Just because of here I watch Suicide Squad a couple of time. Thank you for this interesting post and for reminding me of all these very enjoyable villains.

  2. El Macho. Besides Mr. Big from Zootopia, El Machio is an absolute legend. He is hilarious. His glorious plan of “faking” his own death by riding on a shark into a volcano. He cracks me up. I don’t know why there is something so endearing about villains – I love them.

    I was not too familiar with Harley Quinn until now. Her choice in boyfriends seems a bit crazy! And for someone who is a psychiatrist as well as a psychologist, one would imagine that she knew better. I suppose we all have our downfalls.

    Please keep writing, because I wait for your new posts. They are great to read.

    Thanks again


  3.  Hey there great post. I’m loving the outline, the flow, intellectuality, and wisdom that you share. I feel like there’s some deep psychological stuff going on here. And you translate that to your readers easily and effectively. Great job! I can relate, I remember having action figures and having the good guy and a bad guy. So I can definitely see what you’re talking about when you say that we release our internal conflicts Through these mediums. Maybe some more of that needs to happen? Maybe it will help with some of the tensions in violence going on in the world? Having a creative out late definitely help me in my life. Musiqk was a big one for me, but comics movies and playing with toys was definitely others. I look forward to reading more of your posts. You have a lot of great stuff to share.

    1. Hi Eddie! Thank you so much! I must confess, I’m a bit frustrated of not being an artist myself. I would love to know how to draw. Yes, creativity is all! take care. Anso

  4. I actually liked this article you made, I am always a fan of the villains in animation, each one has their personalities and intention, and of course, each one has a backstory where we as the audience can sympathize in some level. And I have no knowledge of who El Macho is but he seems interesting to check out.

    1. El Macho will seduce you in no time! He’s a Spanish naughty villain and for me, one of the greatest villains of Despicable Me movies. Anso

  5. Hello there!
    Cartoon, comics, animations, Super hero movies are very much liked by all of us I think in any age in our generation. So knowing more about these is so lovely. I love marvel and I see all the serieses of it as more as possible, but I did not watch these spanish accents. But however, I am very much happy to hear about them. As you said earlier, Eduardo Perez must need to be afraid of, I will see this series for sure. Also very glad to know about the villains specially El Macho. This is not at all to say about the female villains. Loved to read about all these

    1. Thank you very much Akborm for your nice comment. Yes, El Macho is apiece of work! Wait until you meet his pet! Take care. Anso

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