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For NerdsFolks, it is about time we take a little break from Marvel and DC Comics and honor some unknown superheroes, especially unknown female super heroines. I wrote, some time ago, about female superheroes, and I still have a lot to write about them, especially Catwoman and Wonder Woman, my two absolute favorites.

But first, I want to shed some light on obscure female superheroes.  This is because they are female, and usually when it comes to superheroes, I have the feeling that one automatically thinks ‘male’. A bit of Girl Power won’t do you no harm, if you ask me. So, sit back, relax and let me make you discover some gems.

The women I am about to introduce to you are not the only ones out there, but I chose them to show you some kind of evolution through the years, of drawing and mentality.

The Blonde Phantom

Let me introduce you to Louise Grant Mason, aka The Blonde Phantom, issued by Timely Comics in 1946. She was created by Stan Lee and Syd Shores, at a time when the enthusiasm for super heroes was declining, after World War II.


Blonde Phantom


So what’s her story? Well, it is no surprise that she was the secretary of a detective, Mark Mason, alongside whom she was fighting crime with.  They got married, and she became a widow in 1986.  This was true love, there is no sinister twist to this love story.

In the late 1950, Louise was part of the Avengers team assembled by Nick Fury.


Bulletgirl is the wife of Bulletman, and together, they were created in 1940 by Fawcett Comics. I suppose a comparison could be made by saying that she was created a bit like Eve was created out of one of Adam’s ribs.   Jim Barr, aka Bulletman, decided – one fine day – to create the same helmet for his girlfriend, Susan Kent.  This is the same helmet as the one he was using to fight crime in the DC Universe, after DC acquired the Fawcett characters.




If it can make you happy, Susan discovered the superhero identity of her boyfriend and decided to join him in the fight against evil. Jim, as an employee of the ballistics department of the police, had created a bullet-shaped Gravity Regulator Helmet which allowed him to fly and deflect bullets. He made another one for his girlfriend. How romantic…

Phantom Lady, Mistress of the Dark

And here comes Sandra Knight, armed with a black light ray projector and, more essentially, a little fabric to cover her bottom.  This is probably because her foes are mainly males and she needs to have the right ammunition to distract them. If not her brain, something else then…

I am absolutely not judging, but it is quite amusing how a woman can hypnotise a man with the right outfit!

She is the daughter of a US Senator and she lives in Washington, DC. It is difficult to figure out what pushed her to defy crime, as her origins are vague. There are rumours, however, that there was a possibility that she uncovered a plot to assassinate her father, though.


Phantom lady


Her super powers, which did not come naturally, but rather through intensive training and weaponry, includes the ability to make herself invisible and see in the dark.  Superpowers I would not mind having myself!

Dead Girl

Moonbeam used to be alive, and now she’s not. Hence, Dead Girl, some kind of a mutant zombie who can use her superpowers now that she’s dead. Logical, isn’t it? She is part of the X-Force, now the X-Statix.

Her boyfriend killed her. Doesn’t it remind you of the complicated love story (if it is a love story when only one member of the couple loves the other) between Harley Quinn and The Joker?


Dead Girl


Dead Girl was created in 2002 by Peter Milligan and Mike Allred, for American comic books. She can reform her body and control its parts when dismembered, as well as read the memories of dead bodies. Very useful, if you ask me.


The duo, Cloak and Dagger, were seen for the first time in 1982, in Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man. Bill Mantlo and Ed Hannigan created them, also for American comic books, published by Marvel Comics.


Cloak and Dagger


Cloak (Tyrone “Ty” Johnson) and Dagger (Tandy Bowen) are minors when they meet in New York, where they both have fled from their families. They were both drugged by a criminal – who used them as guinea pigs – but they managed to escape from a fatal destiny.

The upside to this?  They both developed super powers: Cloak controls the dark dimension and Dagger uses her daggers of light. They both decide to fight drug crime and to help runaway children, giving birth to the superhero comic books Runaways.

Deena Pilgrim

Deena Pilgrim teams up with Christian walker and together, they investigate cases involving people with super powers. Hence, the title of the comic book they are featured in is Powers.


Deena Pilgrim


The pair was born in the year 2000 and the story line combines police procedural, superhero fantasy and crime noir genres. Powers was created by writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Michael Avon Oeming.

The last issue came out in 2012. So, Deena is not a super heroine, as she has no super powers, except that she has a wicked sense of humor, which is sufficient for me to make her appear in this article.


Faith believes she can fly and she is damn right about that! It took her some time to master this super power of hers, but she is now completely operative.




Faith Herbert, aka Zephyr, is a super heroine that could have been mentioned in my earlier post about the politics of super heroes. And why is that, you might ask? Well, because you can see from the picture above that she is a plus-size woman and thankfully, neither her story lines nor her super powers revolve around her weight.

She was created in January 1992 for Valiant Comics, by Jim Shooter and David Lapham. She is a latent psiot, and as such, was activated by Peter Stanchek, a member of the Harbinger Foundation.

Harbingers are a group of super-powered teenage outcasts and psiots are a sub-species of humans that have evolved psychic/mind-based powers.

To sum-up

As you can see, the world of comics is endless and even if there is a lack of imagination, it is always going to be possible to reinvent the story of an already existing super heroine and to create more adventures for her, hopefully with issued of the 21st century.

10 thoughts on “Nerds Alert! Unknown Superheroes”

  1. Hello again! What a brilliant article! I love the fact that you have written on “unknown” superheroines, and by the looks of it, it is a real shame that they are not more known!

    I adore Dead Girl, she looks like a modern day “bombshell” who I certainly would not mess with, but would love to have at my side to sort out anyone who gives me hassles!

    Phantom Lady also looks super cool. I am sure that in that outfit, she stopped quite a few evil characters in their tracks! Wonderful.

    Keep writing these fabulous posts. I love reading them.

    Could you tell me if there are any of these characters available in figurines, and if so, where would I be able to get one?


  2. Hello, I wasn’t expecting to see names that I didn’t really know about before but it is very good to see that I can learn some new stuff about the superhero world.

    The characters seem really cool. For me, I like Faith. She looks really good. I was wondering though how Dead Girl is a superhero, she looks more like a villain to me. Do you have a post about her?

    1. Hi Henderson, not yet. But thank you for giving me this idea for a new article. No, Dead Girl is not a villain, it is quite the opposite, in fact. Patience…

  3. This is some superheroes that I hardly know anything about. I have never heard of them but I find it quite fascinating that I can get information on some other superheroes. I would very much like to read a book on Bullet Girl her. Looks like a very good character. Dead Girl sounds scary.

    1. Hi John! Yes, I have a lot of affection for these neglected characters, I confess. Dead Girl is not as scary as she seems, don’t worry!

  4. Hehe! This is so fun and interesting. Mistress of the Dark surely is mysterious! Making herself invisible would sound like something spiritual or occultic (or maybe she was born with it just like you have said); but she gets her powers through intensive training and weaponry: it sounds quite intriguing to me. Thank you for such an in-depth article on heroes I knew nothing about.

    1. You’re welcome, Shifts! I am glad you find this intriguing. We have so many things to discover when it comes to superheroes!

  5. 😍 Jim is very romantic. This is what I call love, he wasn’t selfish as some men are. He made his girlfriend like him unlike Moonbeam (Dead Girl), who was killed by her boyfriend. Well, her powers are intriguing too, considering the fact that she can reform her body and control its parts when dismembered and more surprising to me is that she can read the memories of dead bodies.

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