What I Want For Christmas: Santa is Coming!

What I Want For Christmas

Ok Folks, finally we are on the countdown to my favorite time of the year. Now we’re talking! Has your Christmas list been delivered to Santa, yet? If not, don’t worry! Below, you will find some of Santa’s recommendations. I definitely know what I want for Christmas! I have decided to share with you my great Christmas gift ideas.

Make sure that you put a plate of cookies and a glass of milk out for Santa and follow me!

You already know that it is going to be a fabulous mix of comic books and action figures, don’t you?

Wonder Woman Lynda Carter

Back in the early eighties, I used to love that TV series, starring Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman! It is funny, because a movie titled ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ will come out in 2020, featuring actress Gal Gadot.

Take a look at this cutie! This is the Wonder Woman Lynda Carter action figure I am going to ask Santa Claus to put under the Christmas tree.

Wonder Woman Lynda Carter

Marvel Legends Deadpool

I love Deadpool! I just love him! Of course, Ryan Reynold’s performance as Marvel Legends Deapool helps tremendously! He is so funny and being an adept of self-mockery, I can only fall for him!

The Deadpool action figure I want is the one where you can put him on a scooter, with his dog. I wonder if the same story happened to that old furry chap, but anyway. That’s what I want!

Marvel Deadpool


Star Wars The Mandalorian

Before getting myself a cute Baby Yoda, I want the Star Wars The Mandalorian action figure! Do you understand? I want it! I could put it on my shelves, next to my old Darth Vader action figure. Classy, no? Oh come on, can’t I regress a bit to my childhood?

Star Wars The Mandalorian

Venom 2099

Future and pharmaceuticals. Isn’t it trendy? Well, you got it all there! This Venom comic book will take you there! If you want to start lobbying for Big Pharma, perhaps you could start with Alchemax and let me know how that works for you?

Venom 2099

In the meantime, Venom is here to help you spend a wicked Christmas!

Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy

Harley Quinn and Poison IvyFolks, it is no secret that you already know what I think of Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy. This comic book will warm you hearts during the dark, cold, snowy Christmas evenings.

Kiss Action Figures

‘I was made for lovin’ you baby, you were made for lovin’ me’: I love that song! It does not get old. So, of course, Kiss belongs to some of my fondest memories.

How to better honor the band Kiss by being offered these Kiss action figures?

Kiss Action Figures

You’re gonna need a bigger boat!

I watched Jaws a few months ago, thanks to Netflix. I had never seen it, as I was afraid it was gory. Well, it is not. But when you think of it, isn’t it strange that some of us are now drawn to collect figurines showing dramatic scenes? Food for thoughts.

we gonna need bigger boat

The Science Behind Superheroes

I already talked about that, but this book will be a perfect way to be kept up-to-date with the science behind superheroes.

The Science of Marvel

Did I Mention Jaws, Already?

So look at this one. I mean, c’mon, isn’t this figurine brilliant? Hilarious, even, in a way. Yeah, I became quite obsessed with Jaws, and I am definitely in love with the figurines inspired by the movie.


Star Wars Solo

As a child, in the early eighties, I watched episodes 4, 5 and 6 of Star Wars. I consider the three of them cult movies. I did not like episodes 1, 2 and 3. My heart always melted for Han Solo, the impersonation of Mr. Cool, if you ask me.

And of course, though I thought Luke Skywalker was a bit of an idiot, I loved his Falcon. So, there it is! The perfect mix!

Star Wars Solo


DC Bombshells Katana Action Figure is another figurine I have to put on my Christmas wishlist. Because you see, Santa is coming and he will ask for justifications. He read my blog and if he saw that I wrote about Poison Ivy, Black Canary, Harley Quinn, and Katana, but that I seem to forget about the latter, I think he will climb the chimney back right up!

So, dear Santa, can you please drop by my house and fill my Christmas stockings with a Katana action figure? Thank you very much!

Katana Action Figure


I also need a Catwoman figurine, if you ask me. Why? Well, why not? Catwoman, for me, will always be Michelle Pfeiffer. And in my opinion, this Catwoman figurine is very close to Michelle. See for yourself.


Dear Reader, by now, you must know how much I love good old Spidey! Well, I am sure Santa knows I need to pay him a tribute, so let’s do this!

The Incredible Hulk

I always dreamt of turning into a green monster to scare my fellow co-workers. I think green is the new black, don’t you? I feel so close to Hulk, the poor doctor who has issues managing his nerves, until he can’t hide his anger anymore. He is so human!

The Year of The Joker

I talked to you so many times about the Joker, what can I say? Can I seriously go through Christmas without an action figure representing his unforgettable smile? Honestly, I can’t!

Who you gonna call?

Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters! Sigourney Weaver and Bill Murray were the romantic couple of my teenagehood! it is thus only logical that I get a ride in the Ectomobile, aka the ECTO-1.

So, Folks, you now only have twenty-one days left to get those letters posted to Santa. Alternatively, you can let Santa know about your Christmas list by commenting in the ‘Comments’ section below.

I know for a fact that he makes regular stops to this blog to see who truly deserves to get their stockings stuffed with action figures, comic books and movies to give you the ultimate Christmas.

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21 thoughts on “What I Want For Christmas: Santa is Coming!”

  1. Wow! Could anyone wish for better than the things you have listed here. If Santa would be so gracious enough as to answer my requests, I would live to have many of these too. I am a big fan of the comics and seeing all of them stacked up like this, it makes a whole lot of sense. Seriously, I fancy my chances well with this. Thank you so much for sharing here. Thumbs up for sharing

    1. Hi Rodarrick! Thank you for your loyalty! Aren’t these action figures beautiful? Well, Santa better be prepared, I’m telling you!

  2. It is always a pleasure coming to your website!  You have great ideas for gifts for Christmas!  My absolute favourite has to be the Funko Pop Jaws figurine! Love it.  I know exactly who I am going to get this for!

    I grew up with Wonder Woman (Lynda Carter) – I was addicted to the series.  It is a great piece of memorabilia, so that is definitely going on the list for Santa!

    Thank you for a great article.

    See you soon


    1. Hi Renée, I love your taste! I can’t wait for Baby Yoda, though! Have a fabulous December and let me know about your gifts!

  3. There is a lot of nostalgia,about these famous action figures, from the past, but I still get a kick, out of Batman,Spider man,and Wonder woman.

    Kiss was a great band, in it’s day,and its theme song,was famous,so it’s wonderful to get, and receive these Kiss,action figures for Christmas.

    We must never forget, the Katana series,along with it’s contemporaries,Harley Quinn,and Black Canary,so we will add, the Katana action figure, to our list as well.

    Seriously can anybody forget any of these magnificent super heroes from the past,who are part of our history?

    I was always crazy, about Star Wars,and all it’s famous characters,Yoda,Darth Vader,and Luke SkyWalker,so it will be great to get the Mandalorion,action figure, to complete the list,

  4. Wow! Surly Christmas is here again, I just wish Santa will come across this article, he might give you the surprise  of the year, personally I really like Spider Man, especially the old version, the one we used to watch while we were young. You just took me back to the old memories. I will be looking forward to watch out the coming Wonder Woman in the coming year, 2020. I am sure to subscribe to your newsfeed to learn more about this and other related articles.

    Thank you.

    1. Hello Joy! It is a joy to read you. Me too, I can’t wait for Wonder Woman, next June! We’ll speak in the meantime. Cheers! Anso

  5. Lots of great ideas that you have included in your article on “What I want for Christmas: Santa is Coming!” and I have taken some notes for my own shopping needs. The time is short and I have to get busy to make sure the gifts arrive on time, so this post was helpful!

    So many memories are wrapped up in the gifts you have highlighted, and since I am buying for the ones I love who may have had different experiences, I will try to put myself in their heads for a moment as I choose from the selection here. The Kiss option is good for one of my grandsons, he is a rock and roll fan. 

    Another that catches the fancy for a nephew is the Star Wars Mandalorian figure…He has been watching the series and is nuts about it so this will work perfectly. Thanks for the ideas, I am heading out to order these right now so they arrive in time for Christmas!  

    1. Hello Dave! I am glad I could be of help! Feel free to let me know about the faces of your grandson and your nephew when they open their gifts!

  6. This is literally the perfect post for fans of comic book characters! 

    One of my coworkers is actually really into collecting action figures. It’s crazy because some of those action figures are selling for a couple hundred bucks! 

    I’m definitely going to be sending him a link to this post. I’m sure he’ll have a fun time exploring these other options. Plus, one of my cousins is literally in love with Katana… might have to order that one for him for Christmas. 

  7. Hello!  I really love your article. There are lots of great ideas that you have included in it and it would benefit me and my nephews. I am a true fan of Marvel Studios and I follow up everything. I would love to get some of this for my nephews. It would be the best gifts for them this season. Thank you very much for your post. It was really helpful!

  8. I and my kids are big fan of these superheroes mentioned here and it would be very nice to get one of our favorites which is Deadpool from Santa. Enjoying this season is all I want for my kids and myself so it would be very nice to see them get such gifts this periods. So much is to be dine, but getting a gift you are familiar with would make a whole lot of difference. Thank you.

    1. Ah Deadpool is so funny, thanks to actor Ryan Reynolds! I also love that figurine. It is a change in the super heroes world, it is quite unconventional.

  9. hello there it is such a great post you have here. it brings back memories of my addiction to super heroes, although Star Wars Mandalorian is kind of strange to me because I never really followed it up. If these were in Santa’s presents for me I would love it. A good time to have like a memorabilia of these super hero figures. Nice post here thanks a lot

    1. Hi Daren, yeas, The Mandalorian is quite new, so it is perfectly normal that you know a little about it. I love the design of this action figure: a mix of Middle-Age and of futuristic traits.

  10. Wow. This is the perfect gift for anyone passionate about these heroes. I grew up with Spiderman and his cartoons. When the movie appeared on TV I watched it at least 10 times. My son inherited this passion from me and I would like to make him a Christmas present.
    Last year I bought him a Spiderman costume and this year I would like to buy more toys with this character.
    Thank you very much for your post .

  11. Hey, I have one of those Star Wars Mandalorian figures in my collection. It has got articulated limbs so you can do different poses all the time. I totally loved the detailed looks in this one – the attire, the guns, and the tiny bullets – they look so cool. I wish more Star Wars action figures have this kind of premium look.

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