What to get your boyfriend for Christmas

What to get your boyfriend for Christmas

Are you still wondering what to get your boyfriend for Christmas? Well, Ladies and Gentlemen, so far, I have talked a lot about men in comics. But what about women in comic books? What about the portrayal of women in comics?

In my opinion, that is a relevant subject, perhaps even more so since the #MeToo movement.

I propose to investigate this matter and to consider it a part of romantic things to do for your boyfriend, whether you are a man or a woman. It will become clearer, I promise! Let’s go! Christmas is coming and I don’t want to miss this opportunity, as I see it as one of the various special things to do for your boyfriend.

Wonder Woman Cartoon

You will read some feminist stuff, but do not worry: I respect and love men, and some of them are also feminists. I hope you are lucky enough to have one like that around you. I am lucky enough to have one of my own. His name is Jean-Michel and he is a journalist. I dedicate this post to him.


In media, women are put there to be observed from an objectified point of view. They are not making any meaning, they are not placed in roles where they can take control over a scene.

Women in Comic Books

For instance, women in comic books are viewed from the eyes of heterosexual men. They are passive no-brainers living things designed for male desires. In a nutshell, that is what Laura Mulvey Male Gaze Theory is about and which she elaborates in her famous essay ‘Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema‘.

Laura Mulvey is a British feminist film theorist, born in 1941. She teaches film and media studies at Birkbeck, University of London.


In order to study the portrayal of women in comics, one can only start with super heroine Wonder Woman. And why is that, you may ask? Simply because Wonder Woman is the first female super heroine to have appeared in comic books.

It goes back to 1941, during the second World War. Wonder Woman was created by William Moulton Marston. What was the intention of the author when he created this beautiful creature?

Her creation aimed a representing the post World War I liberated women. Power, force and strength: these were the qualities that were very much desired by a lot of young women who were reading comic books at the time.

Instead of becoming some kind of a role model for these young women, some scholars who studied the portrayal of women in comics believed, to the contrary, that in fact, the creator of Wonder Woman had designed a sex symbol for male audiences.

As of today, the question remains, irrespective of the country of origins of our female super heroine: Paradise Island, or Themyscira, a matriarchal country where men are banned.

Paradise Island is thus a place where women do not suffer any limitations imposed by men.

As a result, one could say that Wonder Woman various incarnations are queer: she is a mix of male and female stereotypes. This naturally brings me to talk to you about Thor.


Thor case is very interesting from the perspective of gender norms. Recreating Thor as a female character surely is something quite unexpected in the world of comic books, even though his hammer had already landed in the hands of women, like Black Widow, for instance.

Thor Case

Something of a high symbolic value, which could show some kind of an evolution regarding the subject of the portrayal of women in comics, is the fact that the next Thor movie, planned to come out in theaters on November 6, 2021, is called ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’, and not She-Thor, nor Thora.

This is a major improvement. Thor now represents the idea of a hero, irrespective of his masculine or feminine characteristics. Jane Foster will be provided with an armour that will protect her, not the tiny bathing suit that we normally see on the behind of women in comic books.

And the female version of Thor will have as many powers as the male one, as opposed to what used to happen in the past, where female super heroines had fewer powers than their male counterparts.


In my humble opinion, let’s not forget to go back to basics: enjoy your reading, or enjoy he movies you watch. Of course, I also like the sexy shape of a female super heroine.

What I don’t like is, when I watch a movie scene where a catastrophe is happening, women are always shouting and crying, while men remain impassible.

First, there is nothing wrong with emotions, nor is there anything wrong with feeling them and letting them go.

This is a message you hear everywhere, but it does not seem to be applicable to men. This is quite irritating, if you ask me.

In addition to this, let’s not forget that a counter example of the positive evolution of women in comic books: Barbara Gordon, aka Batgirl, is shot at by the Joker and remains paralyzed.

Even though she becomes Oracle, she will stay behind the scene and her intellectual powers will serve he strong male character: Batman.


But, there is light at the end of the tunnel: more women have become writers and artists in the comic books industry. Here are some that you might want to check out: Gail Simone, Kelly Sue DeConnick, Becky Cloonan, Amanda Connor, or Meg Cabot.


So, Ladies and Gentlemen, there are plenty of romantic things to do for your boyfriend for Christmas, as you have seen. So, amongst those special things to do for your boyfriend at this time the year, why not offering him a comic book depicting the adventures of a female super heroine? Or a female action figure?

romantic things to do for your boyfriend

That could be the start of a very interesting discussion in front of the Christmas tree, if you ask me. Let me know your thoughts! In the meantime, take care of yourself and of your special friend! Peace.

10 thoughts on “What to get your boyfriend for Christmas”

  1. Hello Anne, the idea of gifting my boyfriend a comic book that talks solely about the female characters in superhero comics sounds pretty good to me and I am very happy you have explained how I can easily get that. This is infact very nice and I am happy to have read this post. I will definitely get one comic.

    1. Hi Henderson! I hope the both of you will enjoy that discussion in front of the Christmas tree! Let me know hot it goes!

  2. Festive greetings to you,I really like your article. I twould be of good help to the public as it has been of help to me. I know some guys I would like to offer a gift something for Christmas and I think this article mentions some interesting comics, especially the Thor case…..Thanks a lot, I will get one of these.

    1. Hello Ben! Yes, the new Thor is going to be a bit of a revolution in the world of comic books, if you ask me. Let me know what you have offered to your friends!

  3. Hello Anso! I would be very happy if my wife offered me a comic book involving a super heroine, or if together, we went to see Captain Marvel, for instance. Changes in the way women are being depicted in comics take a lot of time to happen, I reckon. Thank you for making me aware of that issue.

  4. Wow I want to really thank you for creating this website and also finding time to write on this topic. Probably because I want something nice from my girlfriend. I actually showed this to her and it seems I am getting something nice this season. Speaking of comic books, I would think it’s a nice idea to know some anime also or get manga depending on your boyfriend.

  5. Hello Anne, my boyfriend is a big fan of Marvel characters and he loves to get gifts. I haven’t thought of any gift item to get for him this Christmas and just when I was completely out of clue, I came across this post and now I have an idea of just what he will love as a gift this xmas. Thanks for sharing .

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