What to get your boyfriend for Christmas

What to get your boyfriend for Christmas

Are you still wondering what to get your boyfriend for Christmas? Well, Ladies and Gentlemen, so far, I have talked a lot about men in comics. But what about women in comic books? What about the portrayal of women in comics? Continue reading “What to get your boyfriend for Christmas”

Christmas Gifts Ideas – What To Buy Your Partner For Christmas

Christmas Gifts Ideas

Why an article about Christmas gifts ideas, you may ask? Well, hello! Christmas is only 12 days away, now. It is coming very quickly and I do not want to miss it! Continue reading “Christmas Gifts Ideas – What To Buy Your Partner For Christmas”

What I Want For Christmas: Santa is Coming!

What I Want For Christmas

Ok Folks, finally we are on the countdown to my favorite time of the year. Now we’re talking! Has your Christmas list been delivered to Santa, yet? If not, don’t worry! Below, you will find some of Santa’s recommendations. I definitely know what I want for Christmas! Continue reading “What I Want For Christmas: Santa is Coming!”

Who Is Black Adam?

Black Adam

Who is Black Adam? Have you ever heard of him? Well, I’m sure you’ve heard of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, the HBO Ballers’ star! So The Rock is going to impersonate DC Comics Black Adam, a DC Comics supervillain. Wait a minute! Have you seen the movie Shazam? Well, the Black Adam movie will be a spin-off from Shazam. Sounds complicated? Continue reading “Who Is Black Adam?”

Nerds Alert! Unknown Superheroes

For Nerds

Folks, it is about time we take a little break from Marvel and DC Comics and honor some unknown superheroes, especially unknown female super heroines. I wrote, some time ago, about female superheroes, and I still have a lot to write about them, especially Catwoman and Wonder Woman, my two absolute favorites. Continue reading “Nerds Alert! Unknown Superheroes”

Can Superhero Movies Be Considered Cinema?



Aaaahhh! Special effects in movies! Can we live without them? Personally, I think that there are some of them which I absolutely adore, and find that the movie would certainly not have had the same impact if it did not have them. Continue reading “Can Superhero Movies Be Considered Cinema?”